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Emberclad Vex can be purchased from The Collection for 785 Waypoints

Shroomling Totem can be purchased from The Collection for 485 Waypoints

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
Emberclad Vex

Petrus tapped his brow with one finger. Data didn't lie.

The volume of blood collected, the levels of nerve and tissue damage noted, the repeated sectioning of brain and muscle... The guards had missed it, of course. They barely visited the cell. If the illiterate street rat they'd hired to feed the beast had seen anything, she would have missed the significance.

Vitality Experiment IV should be dead. It should be dead many times over.

There was but one explanation, and it lay in the snaps of sickly green light he sometimes saw in the corners of his eyes during the surgeries. For weeks, he'd discarded them as tricks of light and age. But it was inescapable: the beast was Shaping. It channeled Vitality energy into healing itself. It couldn't know what it was doing, of course, despite its new ability to parrot speech.

So. He sat back, the cunningly carved oaken back of the chair digging into his sore shoulders. A mere animal that could Shape was too dangerous to live. The question was how to dispose of the problem. Cut off its head, perhaps? Or would it simply grow a new one? Burn it? But it had burned many times in the course of the experiments. The flames were not hot enough, never consumed the flesh quickly enough.

He realized, with a warm frisson of delight, that there was no telling how much damage such a creature could survive. Not unless one attempted to measure it. Where could the greatest temperatures in Maridia be found?

The answer was obvious enough. He dipped an eager quill into a nearby inkwell, flipped over his last set of prosthetic plans, and began to sketch.

The candles burned down.

Evening wind, laden with the scent of fish and oil, stirred the papers. Even after so many years, his instinct was to hold them down with his free hand... long gone. Cursing, he dropped worn quill and slapped at the papers. But they curled and flopped, sliding to the floor. Grumbling and harrumphing, he pushed back his chair and knelt to gather them up again.

"Maestre!" Varde's breathless voice blared.

Petrus startled, the back of his head striking the underside of the desk. "What?" snarled over the edge of the oak, swiping wisps of white hair away from his eyes.

Varde was panting, leaning against the door frame. "Sir! Experiment Four. He, he-"

"It," Petrus corrected, crossly. "Never anthropomorphize. Sympathy for a subject clouds objectivity. How many times must I remind you?"

The boy - more a young man now, he supposed - sketched a curt bow. "Yes, Maester. Sorry. It's escaped, sir."

He blinked once, bushy brows rising. "Experiment Four escaped?" Varde nodded.

Petrus looked down at the winch and harness design in his hand, proof against the molten slag of the great forges by the slums. "Bah," he muttered, and crumpled the sheets of paper.

Shroomling Totem

The grumbling mushrooms of the holy woods are not fun guys. They prefer to spend quiet afternoons alone in the shade. If you really want, they'll try to stay awake and watch. Ugh, all that running around. How do mammals endure it?


Sorry to get here so late guys. This next month or so is going to be rough in terms of analysis writing, but I'll do my best to write them whenever I can.

So in panels one and two, Raina and Zalgus discuss how the little girl they found had to listen as everyone in the abbey was slaughtered. As I mentioned before, this is likely what caused the emotional torment that caused her spirit to find her and maker her a shaper. We still don't know what vitality this spirit is, but it certainly can't be anything good. As Zalgus points out, the girl is very dangerous, and does not think it wise to leave her with the Sisters (Of the nun variety). Raina claims that she will be the one to protect them from her, but that would mean delaying the trip to the West even more. At this point, it's difficult to say if they'll make it westward in time to form an alliance. Anzerani is slowly gaining more and more power, and might not see the northern shapers as particularly useful in the grand scheme of things.

As the siblings leave, Raina once again wonders about what could have happened at the abbey, and about what happened to Kindra. Zalgus' vitality shows him exactly what happened, but refrains from telling Raina. As we all know, it was Kindra who killed the Sisters, but Zalgus doesn't want to hurt his sister with the knowledge that their childhood friend has turned into a murderer (Although after the wolves, I'm not sure why they didn't see this coming).

Thanks for reading! If you have questions or comments, please leave them below or email me at

The Basko Guide-Writing Contest has come to a close, and once again the MOBA-Champion community has come up with some truly amazing content. I feel like we say this every time, but this month's competition was extremely close and only a half point separated most of the entries. Thanks again to everyone who participated, and we're looking forward to next month's contest.

1st Place: I'm Getting Nerfed SOON by Ouroboricform
2nd Place: Basko, Alpha Bruiser by Elmanbeastio
3rd Place: Organic's Guide to "Baitko" (WIP) by Organic

The winners should receive instructions via private message in order to collect their prizes shortly.

Waystone has updated their tournament and guide-writing prizes to distribute items from the collection rather than raw Waypoints. Instead of awarding 925 / 450 Waypoints, winners of the Basko Guide-Writing contest will instead receive an item from the collection worth up to 925 / 450 Waypoints. After winners are chosen, they will be contacted and asked to specify a prize from the collection.

Thanks, and best of luck for the remainder of the contest.

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
One of the core principals behind why Dawngate is playable in a beta format before the game is complete is to provide an opportunity to evolve and direct the game's development based on feedback and discussions within the community. We've seen examples of how this process has already evolved the game directly, such as with core system and content updates via Map 2.0, Itempalooza, and the progression update coming soon.

However, this process of iterating on and improving the game should not be limited just to the game's core systems and gameplay. We want to extend this to all facets of our development, including our live balance process. Currently, we focus on balancing the game for a very high skill level within the solo queue environment based on heavily filtered and specialized telemetry data (for more information on the specifics of this, you can watch the VOD of the Money Pigs Livecast where I go over it in detail here.

While our current live balance process allows us to confidently balance the high tier solo queue experience, we acknowledge that it is lacking when it comes to the competitive tournament environment. There are fundamental differences in balance from the perspective of a solo queue player versus an organized premade team. We have always stated that it is our goal to foster and grow the competitive scene for Dawngate, and as a result we would like to announce a change to our live balance process aimed at better collecting and responding to issues at the highest competitive levels.

What is the Competitive Balance Initiative?

This initiative is an experiment in collecting balance feedback directly from the competitive community. Eligible players will receive a comprehensive survey about the game's balance on a regular interval. Additionally, we will be working with tournament organizers to collect high level statistical data from tournament games, such as pick rates, ban rates, compositional analysis, and individual shaper performance summaries. We will then incorporate the results of the player surveys and the high level tournament data with our internal telemetry data from solo queue, and use a combination of both sources to direct the game's live balance changes.

How do I become eligible to participate?

To become eligible to receive and participate in the live balance survey, you must have competed in one of the following tournaments:

S1cknote Invitational

Upon successfully competing in one of the above competitive events from start to finish, you will be given the opportunity to opt in to the feedback process, at which point you will begin to receive the survey.

If I run a tournament, how can I get participation in the tournament to count towards eligibility?

We are currently looking for feedback from players who participate in well-organized 5v5 tournaments. If you plan to run such a tournament, please send an e-mail to with your tournament proposal and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Does this mean the game will be balanced solely based on the opinions of a few individuals?

No, the very specific nature of the changes will still be largely determined by our comprehensive telemetry data. However; currently, elements of the game that need balancing are identified purely through being a statistical outlier. Additionally to this method, we will be using the initiative to identify and flag problematic sections of the game that are either too strong or too weak at the tournament level. Any shapers, items, or systemic portions of the game that are heavily represented in the data collected from the CBI survey will be flagged at the same level of importance for receiving changes as items that get flagged from our internal telemetry data.

What's next?

We'll be rolling out the first wave of invites following this weekend's S1cknote Invitational. For the immediate time, please discuss your opinions around this initiative and its goals. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for additions to it to make it more effective, as well as what type of issues exist currently around live balance that you would like to see addressed.

Our partners at Dawncentral have just released their skin spotlight video for Twilight Blade Moya:

You can follow their twitter account at - - for more skin spotlights!

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