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Master of the Cosmos King of Masks can be found in The Collection for 785 Waypoints

Kahgen Announcer can be found for 885 Waypoints in The Collection

Sample quotes:
"Dont gimme no clean fight. I want eye-gougin' and crotch kickin'!"

"A bandits equal to any three city folk!"

"Eat sand scrubs! Arak and fresh camels for all my mates!"

Our partners at Dawncentral released a skin preview for Courageous Heart Mikella:

Be sure to follow their twitter at - - for more Dawngate videos!

This is the lore skin that coincides with today's comic page in the Chronicles here. Remember, this skin was based off of the Living Lore choice that the community voted for back in July. So when the new Living Lore choice becomes active on Monday, be sure to cast your votes to get cool new content like this one! This skin features cool new sound effects of bullets pew pewing when you auto attack and hit your enemies!

Courageous Heart Mikella can be bought for 785 Waypoints in The Collection

If you haven't been following this weeks chronicles, catch up here. This weeks choice features Zeri going on a secret mission with Renzo, OR Zeri ditching Renzo and helping Khagen escape the town under nightfall. Remember, whatever is chosen will affect future content from Waystone including lore and future skins!

The vote begins on Monday, but Waystone hasn't said for how long the vote will last this time around. So get your votes in!

There was also a small hotfix put out today:

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)

  • Players will no longer see the Gamescom wards in The Collection if they didn’t earn or unlock them.
  • Fixed a rare issue that was causing Striders to not attack The Guardian.
  • Automated the EU Server turn-on event to be every day at 16:00 CET – 24:00 CET (7:00 PDT – 15:00 PDT)

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
As the community of Dawngate grows, the Waystone Games crew grows right along with it! As such, we would like to welcome prolific streamer and long-time community member, Michael "Spinaldash" Perez to the Waystone Games team as a Quality Analyst.

While considering additions to our development team, we knew to look for someone with a deep understanding of the MOBA genre in addition to great passion for the game. We knew that we had a prime candidate for this position in Michael as he exemplifies all qualities that we were looking for in a member of Waystone Games.
We are excited to add such a respected and talented player to our team and know that he will help us make Dawngate a success!

Though he may no longer be streaming quite as often, we'll be sure to have him on the Waystone stream every once in a while. In fact, you can catch him on stream today at 1:30 PM PDT for our developer livestream!

Come give Michael a warm welcome to the team and be sure to come out for today's stream to see him in the office!

Sadly, this means that Spinaldash will be leaving Moba Champion's Moneypigs Podcast. We'd like to thank Spinal for all his hard work and top tier insight that he contributed to the podcast every Monday and wish him the best of luck with his future at Waystone Games!

Gasty stopped by the Money Pigs Livecast stream today and answered several questions in Twitch chat.

Regarding Sakari's ice blocks triggering turret aggro:

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
Gastytv: Displacements will trigger binding call for helps, since you can use them to kick people out from under bindings into teams, etc.
for later.
Gastytv: If it doesn't push someone, it shouldn't trigger Binding aggro.

On item and price normalization:

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
Gastytv: To clarify, we're not giving up on normalization. The plan is to normalize, but normalize around more price points per tier to provide the strategic choices being described here. No more 2970 vim and 3060 vim items, those two would both become 3000 still, etc.

The chance of the Progression update being available in customs, similar to the Map v2 testing:

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
Gastytv: Yes, that is being considered; it may or may not happen depending on how much additional testing we feel is necessary.

The long awaited spell swapping:

Originally posted by Waystone Games (Source)
Gastytv: Spell swapping is coming either next patch or the one after, soon!

Watch the full VoD with MobaChampion, Twerp78, TheBlueMuzzy and Mars_Caturix here!

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